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Complete modeling of military vehicles for 3D printing or casting, assembly kits or wargaming
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Complete artillery modeling for 3D printing, casting, assembly kits, wargaming, etc.
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Complete modeling of scenery elements at any scale for dioramas, wargaming, railway modeling, etc.
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Generales españoles en un vehículo en la guerra del Rif
Veo, veo. ¿Qué ves? ¿Es un Mercedes?. Sí, pero no, es simplemente un Benz.

Revisando montones de imágenes relacionadas con el protectorado marroquí y los confictos en el Rif, …

Dar Drius - interior del campamento
HISTORIAS DEL RIF: La Cantinera de Dar Drius

Para cualquier jovenzuelo aficionado a la novela futurista que leyera el Juego de Ender allá por la …

Locomotora Melilla con una unidad de tren de la Compañía española de minas del Rif, Foto Vázquez, La Ilustración Española 15.12.1909
Las locomotoras del Ferrocarril de la Compañía Española de LAS Minas del Rif (CEMR)

La epopeya del Protectorado Español está ligado indisolublemente a la Compañía Española de las Minas… - 3d modelling & 3d printing


More than 20 years dragging vertices, edges and polygons across a screen. A long and exciting journey from the old MS-DOS 3DStudio R4 to photorealistic infographics, culminated in a wonderful present thanks to 3D printing. A chance to create and enjoy physically any kind of object, real or unreal, that can be imagined…

Although 3D world encompasses a wide range of disciplines, my focus is developing & modelling terrain stuff / buildings / vehicles / etc. for wargames, board games, dioramas or my strongest passion: railway modeling.

WWE V2 Army builder

As a fan of miniature wargames, there are plenty of games that I find fascinating, but if there is one that stands out from the crowd, it is Wild West Exodus by Warcraddle Studios and its setting in a Cyberpunk Weird Wild West universe.

Although V3 of the rules was recently published, I prefer V2, the ruleset which I entered the game with, so I have decided to collect all the information available from that version and publish it online, with all the necessary resources to play. I’m also trying to develop an interactive army builder, although I’m still working on it at the moment.

Wild West Exodus V2




The first step is to work with the project in 2D. If they are models based on real prototypes, the process includes gathering information, plans, dimensions, etc. If they are fantastic elements, simply let your imagination run wild.


With a 2-dimensional sketch, the modeling work begins. I try to take care of every detail in my 3D models, as if it were one of my modelling jobs. No matter how well it is done, it can always be done better.


Finished parts are tested with my FDM (filament) 3D printer. It is not a matter of obtaining the quality that a resin printer gives, but of verifying that at first glance, everything is correct.



Krupp Protze SdKfz 70

1/24 scale

3,7 cm PaK 36

1/48 scale

Flak 18/36 88mm

1/48 scale


If you have any project related to wargames terrain & scenery, AFV modelling, railway modelling or whatever comes to your mind that can be designed, modelled and 3d printed, please contact me and tell me about your ideas. No matter how crazy they may be… - 3d modelling